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Everything You Need to Know About Alex Xander

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The pride of Bensonhurst Alexander Shlaferman wants everyone to know he is more than just some thrill-seeking party boy that decided to throw a pop-up party on the Manhattan Bridge last weekend. No, "Alex Xander" goes much, much deeper than that, and now the world shall know his name and his mission, as the 19-year-old toy mogul bared his soul to the New York Post following his release from jail last weekend. From why he never charges money to what the cops told him just as they were pulling the plug on his bridge fiesta, here are the juiciest bits of Alex Xander's story:

· On why the parties are always free: "[I]t alleviates my stress of having money."

· On why he is so successful: "People come out to see me. They're not interested in the parties, they're interested in me."

· NYPD officers who broke up the Manhattan Bridge party told him, "we really wish we weren't in uniform so we could go to this party".

· "His eyes are so blue and his side-sweep so high, he could easily pass for a fourth Jonas brother."

· He has dubbed his events "Xandernation."

· To gain access to Xandernation, you must pass a thorough vetting process on Facebook. Gang members are never welcome.

· Shlaferman explains why he throws free parties: "I really want to inspire people to realize that they're just human beings like everyone else. They should do things like this. It's cool that I do it. But do it, too. Give back."

Doesn't everyone feel so much better about the world knowing this young man is looking out for all of us?
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