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Fitzcarraldo, a Ligurian-Inspired Restaurant From the Rucola Team, Soft Opens Today

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195 Morgan Avenue, East Williamsburg
Phone: 718-233-2566
Status: Soft Open

After months of anticipation, Fitzcarraldo, the new restaurant from Rucola's Henry Rich and Julian Brizzi, soft opens today for breakfast, lunch, and bar service. The Ligurian-inspired restaurant is housed on the premises of 3rd Ward, and has an interior designed with its namesake Werner Herzog film in mind. That means an aesthetic that's part Peruvian jungle, part crumbling opera house, although with more restraint than that kind of combination might suggest.

Catering partly to the comings and goings of 3rd Ward members, the restaurant stays open from 9 a.m. until late night. In the morning there is Stumptown coffee and a small selection of pastries, followed by lunch, dinner, cocktails, and bar snacks. The dinner menu from chef Vinny Campos has yet to be finalized, but it will center on seafood and the traditional fare of coastal Liguria. Though some things are likely to have changed since then, a few previews early in June mentioned dishes like chilled fava-and-mint soup and squid stuffed with scallops, mussels and fennel.

For now, in addition to coffee and pastries, Fitzcarraldo is serving a simple set of market-driven breakfast and lunch dishes until 4 p.m. Those range from soft-scrambled eggs, to a market salad and a pan-fried chicken sandwich. The bar, meanwhile, stays open until midnight, serving beer, wine, cocktails, and a few small plates of cheese, charcuterie, and antipasti. Next week those hours will stretch until 2 a.m., and the kitchen will start offering a limited dinner menu. The official opening date and the start of full dinner service is set for September 6.
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