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Park Slope Dive Jackie's Fifth Amendment to Close Soon

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Jackie's Fifth Amendment, one of the few remaining dive bars in Park Slope , has announced that it will shutter for good on September 14. The beloved old-timer has been around since the '50s, and has earned a reputation for serving cheap drinks and $10 buckets of Budweiser ponies to the kind of locals who have been in Park Slope since before it was trendy to live there. Just this past fall, one bartender filed a petition with the White House to secede from the neighborhood, on the grounds that, "we are beginning to take offense when potential customers come into the bar, look around them with disdain, and leave."

A bartender tells Brooklyn Magazine: "[W]e weren't driven out by the rent or angry villagers or anything." The owner, Henry Costello, is just getting older, and deteriorating health has left him unable to continue running the bar. He's sold the space to the pharmacy next door, which leaves little chance of another bar taking Jackie's place.
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Jackie's Fifth Amendment

404 5th Ave., Brooklyn, NY