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Lawsuit Delays Opening of Pride & Joy in the East Village

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TV pitmaster Myron Mixon was slated to open Pride & Joy BBQ in the East Village this summer, but now it looks like he's no longer involved with the restaurant. The Daily Meal reports that Mixon has parted ways with his partners, and he filed a lawsuit last week accusing them of "trademark infringement, breach of contract, and misappropriation of name and likeness." Mixon also alleges that his former partners owe him a big chunk of change. One of the restaurateurs behind Pride & Joy tells the Daily Meal that they're "just going in different directions, plain and simple."

EV Grieve notes that the restaurant hosted a pre-opening party on May 21, but there hasn't been any activity in the space over the last few months. One of the doors is boarded up, and the website is down. If the restaurant does open at some point in the future, it will do so without Mixon's name attached.

Remarkably, the unopened restaurant currently has a four star rating on Yelp.
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[Photo: EV Grieve]

Pride & Joy BBQ

24 First Ave., New York, NY