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Drink Booze, Get Pneumonia at Minus5 in Midtown

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Dining in the dark? That's so 2012. Drinking in an ice room? Welcome to your future.

A new bar just opened in the Midtown Hilton called Minus5. Here's the description from the website:

Everything inside minus5° is made of ice; the walls, the bar, the sculptures, the seats and even the glasses that you enjoy our famous vodka-based cocktails in. Our focus at minus5° is the art of ice. We have our own ice carver who changes the bar and sculptures every 6-8 weeks, continually re-inventing the experience. Sculptures can reflect the season, location, wildlife, or even corporate logos and products for private functions. The possibilities are endless.

The official site also notes: "A photographer, skilled in the art of 'capturing the moment,' roams the bar." And, according to the Post, the drinks "are served by women in bikinis and penguin masks." $20 admission includes the use of gloves and a parka, but you have to pay for drinks once you're inside just like at any other bar. It looks like Minus5 actually makes all its money selling photos. Check out a gallery of the first New York guests here.
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1335 Sixth Ave., New York, NY