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Marshall Stack Owner Taking Over Shuttered Lolita Bar

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More bar news from the good ol' Lower East side, as Matthew Kelly, owner of the great Marshall Stack, has taken over Lolita bar after one final closing party last night. Lolita's owner had put the place up for sale earlier this year and Kelly had gotten approval from Community Board 3 to take it over, but the whole thing ran into a snag when Lolita got into trouble with the NYPD for serving minors. But apparently the transaction quietly went through anyway, and Kelly and his team will quickly get to work on their renovation plans for the space.

It's with some sadness that the bar changes hands — Lolita was for a time a destination downtown (especially for Curbed and Eater staff!) with some pretty late nights in the bar's basement. But it will be in great hands with Kelly and his team in a space where they can finally serve a full booze menu.
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[Image via Bowery Boogie]

Lolita Bar

266 Broome St New York, NY 10002