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Danny Mena Opens Sembrado, an East Village Taqueria

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Sembrado en Nueva York is the new East Village restaurant from Danny Mena of Hecho en Dumbo. The menu focuses mainly on grilled meat tacos known tacos al carbon, but tacos al pastor are also available. Those are made the traditional way, with pork slow-roasted on a spit that can be seen turning, shawarma-style, next to the grill in the open kitchen. The bar features an extensive mezcal selection, and the make-your-own ice cream sundae menu for dessert was developed by Fany Gerson of La Newyorkina. Sembrado is now open all day, starting at 11 a.m. Take a look at the full menu here and a few more photos inside the space:

Hecho En Dumbo

354 Bowery, Manhattan, NY 10012 (212) 937-4245 Visit Website

Sembrado en Nueva York

432 E 13 street, New York, NY 10009