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Milk Truck Worker Fired For Tip-Shaming on Twitter

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An employee of the Milk Truck kiosk in the South Street Seaport got fired for tweeting about a group of customers that didn't tip on a $170 order. The former Milk Truck worker, Brendan O'Connor, details how it all went down in a post for The Awl. O'Connor writes:

One of the unusual things about this particular food service job was that the owner used customer comments and pictures on social media—especially Twitter and Instagram—to monitor his workers. Grilled cheese: gamified.
When a group of workers from Glass, Lewis & Co. (a shareholder advisory services firm) called in a large order and did not tip, O'Connor tweeted about it (see above). Then things got interesting:

O'Connor says that a rep from Glass, Lewis & Co actually called his boss to complain about being tip-shamed. The company apologized with this tweet:
And, as you can see, the company accepted the apology. O'Connor's boss explained that he would have to let him go because of this social media snafu. The former Milk Truck employee writes:

At least I wasn't asked to delete the tweet. And I wasn't asked to apologize. Not that I would have done either of those things. I was just canned. A part-time food-truck worker with 300 Twitter followers managed to shame some Wall Street firm into getting him fired. What a world.
Now, both Glass, Lewis & Co and Milk Truck are getting shamed on Twitter. Here's a glimpse at the backlash:

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