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Signs of Progress at M. Wells Steakhouse in LIC

After months of delays, it looks like Hugue Dufour and Sarah Obraitis are finally getting ready to open M. Wells Steakhouse, their meat-centric follow-up to M. Wells Dinette in Long Island City. Last week, Curbed NY spotted Dufour at the construction site, and Brownstoner also snapped a photo of workers building a patio space next to the building that will house the main dining room. The space is owned by Rockrose Development, the group that is building the Linq LIC residential tower across the street. The Linq LIC is slated to open next month, so hopefully Dufour and Obraitis will open their new restaurant around that time too.

In other M. Wells news, Dufour recently served a waffle cone stuffed with raw fish at the LIC Flea. Joe DiStefano describes this new creation: "The oddball combination of the sesame waffle cone with the dressing of olives, peppers, and coconut, and condensed milk made the whole thing taste like the savory mutant love child of Thai shaved ice and ceviche."
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[Photo: Curbed/ Nathan Kensinger]

M. Wells Diner

21-17 49th Avenue, Long Island City, NY 11101 Visit Website

M. Wells Steakhouse

43-15 Crescent St., Queens, NY