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Japanese Standing Room Only Restaurant Coming to NYC

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A high-falutin' Tokyo-based chain famous for its standing room-only dining spaces is coming to New York. ABC News reports that the chain of restaurants called Ore no?Japanese for "my," with most restaurants called things like "Ore no Italian, Ore no French, et cetera?is planning a location called Oreno Kappo in Manhattan. There's already an Oreno Kappo in Japan, one of 16 Ore no restaurants to open in the last two years. As at that one, the focus here will be wagyu beef and yakitori.

The gimmick with the Oreno restaurants is that, rather than serving low-brow or super casual food in this environment, owner Takashi Sakamoto is instead shooting for Michelin-caliber cuisine, with the standing room-only thing allowing him to keep costs down. Meals go for roughly $40 a person in Japan.

It'll be interesting to see if New Yorkers take to it when it finally arrives later this year as the standing room-only thing didn't go over so well at Mile End Sandwich when that opened in Noho last year. The address and neighborhood for the new restaurant have yet to be announced.
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