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Michael O'Keeffe Hopes to Reopen The River Cafe Soon

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The dining room at The River Cafe is still closed because of damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, but owner Michael "Buzzy" O'Keeffe hopes to reopen the space later this summer. Josh Ozersky recently paid a visit to Buzzy, who explained that the entire kitchen, roof, and dining room were destroyed during the storm. As Ozersky notes, O'Keeffe is a perfectionist, and he wants to make sure that every detail of the space is recreated before the doors open again. Ozersky writes:

O'Keeffe, indefatigable, is overseeing the restoration of the cellar and every other part of the River Café. This makes me very happy, as I had enormous respect and even affection for the place, which is both a symbol of New York dining at its best, and more importantly, at its most trend-resistant. This attitude proceeds directly from its owner, a fixed point in the roaring ice-cold currents of fashion that have swept so many of his peers into retirement.
The dining room at The River Cafe's sister establishment, The Water Club, is also closed because of damaged caused by Hurricane Sandy, but O'Keeffe's team is working to repair the space as well. The Crow's Nest bar at The Water Club is now back up and running, and so is the private events space at The River Cafe. Stay tuned for an updated guide to the restaurants that are still closed because of Hurricane Sandy.
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[Photo: Michael "Buzzy" O'Keefe by Josh Ozersky]

The River Café

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The River Cafe

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