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The Goose Is Loose at Michael White's Costata

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Adam Platt is not a fan of Michael White's Soho steakhouse, Costata. In a surprise move, the New York critic gives the restaurant a zero-star rating. Platt writes that Costata "looks unsettlingly like the dining room of a lobbyists' restaurant in Washington, D.C." Here's Platt's take on the food:

The meagerly portioned pasta "side dishes" are prosaic by White's lofty standards, and, in the case of a watery serving of squid-ink casarecci, border­line inedible. The raw-fish crudi are decent enough (try the sardines and the tuna), although you'll find a much better selection uptown at White's flagship restaurant, Marea. The Colorado lamb chops I sampled were devoid of proper lamby taste, so stick to the steaks, in particular the porterhouse-style Fiorentina cut, which is almost worth the extravagant $58-per-person sticker price.
Ultimately, the critic gives Costata one star for the crudi and the steaks, but he subtracts a star because of the atmosphere and the prices. Platt also reviews Uncle Boons this week — that one gets two stars.

This is the worst review of Costata to date. Gael Greene, Steve Cuozzo, and Restaurant Girl recently filed rave reviews, and several bloggers have also written good things about White's newest.
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206 Spring St., New York, NY