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Bar Menu at The Marrow; Becker to Open Cast Iron

WEST VILLAGE ? At right is the new bar menu at Harold Dieterle's The Marrow, which is launching today. The full menu is still available at the bar as always, but now there's a handful of additional selections. Included in that new menu is Dieterle's burger, available outside of brunch and Friday lunch for the first time. [EaterWire]

FLATIRON DISTRICT ? After he opens his quickservice restaurant Little Beet in Midtown later this summer, former EMM chef Frank Becker will open a restaurant called Cast Iron on West 18th Street, Grub Street learns. He won't reveal the address yet, but the menu will focus on seasonal vegetables and seafood. [Grub Street]

EAST VILLAGE ? Just in time for what's looking like a rainy couple of days, Evelyn Drinkery on Avenue C is offering a rainy day special whenever it's raining "from now through forever." During rainstorms, well drinks, beer, and wine are all five bucks apiece. [EaterWire]

CHICAGO ? Eater National breaks down the elements going into the Chicago-style hot dog at Hot Doug's. Though it's largely tradition, owner Doug Sohn breaks with tradition and tops it with caramelized white onions instead of raw. It's a bold decision, but, says Sohn: "You still get a lot of crunch with the other elements. I don't really like raw onion." Head to National for more. [Eater National]

The Marrow

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