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McDonald's Staff Protests Lack of AC During Heat Wave

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Employees of a McDonald's in Washington Heights staged a protest on Friday morning after being forced to work without air conditioning on what went down as the hottest day of the year. The staff complained to management about the rising temperatures in the restaurant, especially in the kitchen, but the situation grew dire when one worker was hospitalized after fainting from heat exhaustion. That's when the employees walked out. City Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez was on the scene Friday to address the poor working conditions, but also faced some challenges in his attempt to do so, tweeting: "McDonalds owner has thus far refused to speak to us or accept our letter on behalf of workers. Ran out back door instead."

Apparently this isn't the first time these workers have had to endure the summer heat, either. Luisa Billa, a nine-year veteran of the company, said in a statement that "It happens every summer and we're tired of working like that. They need to fix it. It's not fair. They have the money, but won't do anything." The situation was resolved several hours later when portable air conditioning units were delivered to the store by the owners.
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