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Food Writers Telling Stories; Butter Wrappers for Paula

GREENWICH VILLAGE — Yum's The Word, a series at Le Poisson Rouge that "blends old-fashioned birthday parties with modern-day storytelling" is featuring "Stories of Rejection from the Culinary World" this month. Food writers like Kat Kinsman, Matt Gross, Joshua David Stein and Beth Kracklauer will tell their stories of rejection, while the audience enjoys ice cream cake and balloon animals. The show starts at 7:30 p.m. tomorrow, and tickets are $10 in advance. [EaterWire]

DUMBO — Luke's Lobster and No. 7 Sub, who recently opened at joint concession stand near Brooklyn Bridge Park, will be collaborating on a special sandwich each Thursday for the park's outdoor movie series. The sandwich will be different each week, inspired by whatever movie's being shown, and will be sold only at a stand on the Pier 1 walkway. This week's sandwich, in honor of Enter the Dragon, involves marinated shrimp, roast pork, broccoli, and Sriracha mayo. [EaterWire]

CHELSEA — The Chelsea location of The Meatball Shop just debuted their outdoor seating. The sidewalk cafe area seats 20, and will be open from noon to 11 p.m. every day. [EaterWire]

PAULADEENGATE — A group of dedicated Paula-lovers has banded together to support Paula Deen by sending butter wrappers to all the companies that stopped working with her post-racist testimony and media shitstorm. The wrappers, say the groups organizers, are "physical declarations of 'we're sticking with Paula,'" while the accompanying letter of protest tells recipients: "A company without Paula, is like a butter wrapper without butter." [~EN~]
[Photo: Le Poisson Rouge]

Luke's Lobster

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The Meatball Shop - Lower East Side

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Le Poisson Rouge

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