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2013_joe_doe_chef_%2123.jpgA Bowery Boogie reader claims to have witnessed a fight in front of Joe Doe this weekend. One of the line cooks at the restaurant allegedly smacked an older woman and kicked her dog because he thought the pooch peed on his bike. The cops reportedly showed up, although it's not clear if the cook was arrested. [BB] UPDATE: Joe Doe's co-owner Jill Schulster writes in with a statement:

From Jill:

A local neighbor, whose dogs run free without leashes, got into an argument with one of the line cooks as the dogs were peeing on his bike.

When the person refused to move her dogs away from the bike, the cook pushed past one of the dogs to go into the restaurant and leave the uncomfortable situation . At that point the neighbor confronted the cook, punching him in the head at which point the cook defended himself. Police were contacted but no one was arrested and both parties were given aggravated harassment charges. NO ONE WAS CHARGED WITH ASSAULT.

Both Joe and I are very disappointed that this unfortunate incident occurred in front of our restaurant. JoeDoe has always been a good and respectable neighbor and this is the first time anything like this has ever occurred near the store front.