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Sam Sifton to Helm New Times 'Dining News Product'

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Photo: Kinderbrød

Earlier today, New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson announced a number of changes at the Grey Lady, including a brand new role for former critic (and soon-to-be-former national editor) Sam Sifton. This new role will mark his return to dining coverage almost two years since he stepped down from his post as critic. According to Romanesko, part of this new role will be heading up a digital magazine with an aesthetic modeled off of that very pretty Snow Fall thing the Times did last year; the other part will be "creating a new dining news product." This will be separate from the regular dining section, which will continue to be headed up by Susan Edgerley.

Eater National's reached out to Sifton for more on what the product could be, so stay tuned. In the meantime, do head over that way for a nifty new Photoshop of Sifton surfing the internet.
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