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The New York Times Pulls the Plug on Diner's Journal

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Photo: Eater National

Today, the Times announces that its seven-year-old restaurant blog Diner's Journal is officially dunzo. From the official statement:

Today the Dining section is ending the blog in order to consolidate all of our food coverage on the main Dining page, creating a single destination for readers. Many of the regular features that used to appear on Diner's Journal, including Recipe Lab, What's For Dinner? and Restaurant Takeaway, will now be found on the main page. Past Diner's Journal posts will remain where they were.
As Eater National notes, this announcement comes just a few hours after news broke that Sam Sifton would be stepping down from his position as national editor to start some new digital dining something-or-other. Head over to Eater National for more on the move.
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