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Topless Restaurant Crawl Was for the Sake of Art

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Over the weekend, model Cheyenne Lutek took off her shirt at three East Village restaurants, including Verso, where the owner asked her to leave. Now EV Grieve reports that the model was getting naked for a photography project spearheaded by photographer Allen Henson. He accompanied Lutek, and snapped photos at each restaurant. Henson explains: "It was an impromptu photoshoot. We did two that night...The first establishment loved it and interacted, the other, well — we weren't there long." The photographer also tells the Daily Mail: "This is just the first in a five part series. What's going to happen the next time we go out? News helicopters circling over head?"

Although you don't see naked people in restaurants very often, it is perfectly legal to walk around topless in New York City. But, of course, restaurants reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. For those that are curious, SFW pics from the shoot can be found on the Daily News and Daily Mail sites, and the NSFW pics are over on EV Grieve.
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[Photo: EV Grieve]


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