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9th St. Bakery and Blarney Cove Announce Closing Dates

Beloved East Village pastry shop 9th Street Bakery will close after business on Sunday. EV Grieve reports that the owners have been on a month-to-month lease for the past few months, and that they decided to close because they can't afford the 38 percent rent hike that their landlord wants for a new lease. The bakery has been in business for the last 87 years.

Elsewhere in the East Village, the owner of the Blarney Cove sent a message to fans on Facebook about the impending closure of the bar:

The property has been leased to another company. The stretch of land on 14th Street where the Blarney resides will be forever changed. So -get you ass in so I can see you again & say goodbye. And that means during the week, Tuesday and Wednesday - not just the weekend. Let's plan those Blarney blow out parties.
The dive bar's last day in business will be June 30. Do take a minute to check out the wild photos on the bar's Facebook Page.
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[Photo: 9th Street Bakery]

9th Street Bakery

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