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Is Keith McNally Eyeing the Capsouto Freres Space?

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The Keith McNally rumor du jour is that the legendary restaurateur is eyeing the Capsouto Freres space. This juicy piece of gossip comes courtesy of Tribeca Citizen. Capsouto Freres closed because of Hurricane Sandy, and the space hit the market in March.

Is McNally looking for a future home for Balthazar or Pastis in the event that they are forced out of their current locations? That's one possible theory. But remember that in April, McNally said that the rumors about Balthazar closing were "categorically not true," and he stated that Pastis would close next January for construction, and reopen in the same space the following fall. Also, big-shot restaurateurs like McNally are always checking out promising spaces. If Keith doesn't take Capsouto Freres, someone else will. But if he does take it, McNally would be returning to the neighborhood where he started out over 30 years ago, which would certainly be a cool move.
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Capsouto Freres

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