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The Five Must-Watch Food Videos of the Week

In this week's roundup of new videos, David Chang talks with MythBusters' Adam Savage about the evolution of the Momofuku empire, Hanjan's Hooni Kim discusses the New York restaurant scene, Paula Deen defends herself on the Today show, and cocktail wizard Dave Arnold plays around with a grain-puffing cannon.

1) David Chang in the Talking Room:
Here's a fascinating, hour-long interview of chef David Chang talking with MythBusters' Adam Savage on his new web series, the Talking Room:

2) Hooni Kim on Korean Food:
If you have another hour and a half to spare, check out this captivating interview with Hooni Kim of Hanjan as he talks about Korean food and the New York restaurant scene:

3) Fun with Breakfast:
In honor of the upcoming breakfast cereal exhibit at his Museum of Food and Drink, Momofuku cocktail wizard Dave Arnold plays around with an old-school grain-puffing cannon:

4) Paula DeenGate:
Paula Deen has been front in center in the news this week for her infamous deposition transcription. On Wednesday, she defended herself on the Today show:

5) Delmonico's Past and Present:
Delmonico's executive chef Bill Olivia stops by CBS This Morning's The Dish to talk about some of the restaurant's signature dishes and history:

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