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Motorino Is Back in Brooklyn in a Major Way

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[Daniel Krieger]

Here's a look around the dining room of Mathieu Palombino's Motorino Brooklyn. As you may recall, the original Brooklyn location of his wildly popular Neapolitan pizzeria was forced to close because the building was sinking. Palombino's new space on Broadway near Bedford Avenue is considerably larger than the original Williamsburg location, and this one's got a fully-stocked bar.

Expect a menu that includes the pizzas from the East Village outpost plus some new items like an eggplant pie, a porchetta calzone, a portabello mushroom pizza, and a farro salad. Palombino is also working on a "frittatina," which is an olive oil-fried macaroni cake that's filled with provolone and prosciutto. Sounds like a real winner. The new and improved Motorino Brooklyn is slated to open at the end of next week.

Motorino Brooklyn
139 Broadway, Williamsburg
Opening next week

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