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The Hipster White Castle Is in Danger of Losing its Lease

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Cool kids at White Castle. Photos: Foursquare

A company called 781 Metro Investors recently purchased the space on the corner of Humboldt Street and Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg that houses White Castle. The regional director of White Castle says that the company is in negotiations with the new landlords to extend the lease, but there's also chance that the new owners will not want the fast food restaurant to stay there. 781 Metro Investors bought the space for $6.72 million, and, as the White Castle operator notes: "You're 100 feet from the subway...It has everything you need."

This is not just any old White Castle, it's the Hipster White Castle, and 'Burg kids love it with a mix of irony AND sincerity.

[Photo: Foursquare]

Yes, the design is kitschy, but White Castle makes a mean, honest-to-god slider for very little money. Yes, White Castle serves doughnut-shaped fried chicken, but it's open after the bars close, and it has a drive-through window. Yes, it's a fast food chain, and chains are bad, but at least you can reserve a table on Valentine's Day, which is something you can't do at Diner or Roberta's. Tears will fill the thick-rimmed glasses of North Brooklyn if this place closes.

Hopefully the White Castle people can work something out with the new landlords.
· White Castle Might Slide Off of Metropolitan Ave. [BP]

The Hipster White Castle

781 Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn, NY

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