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Chef David Bouhadana Opens Sushi Dojo in the East Village

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Sushi Dojo
110 First Ave., East Village
Phone: 646-692-9398
Status: Certified Open

27-year-old chef David Bouhadana has made his return to New York's sushi world with the opening of the new 36-seat restaurant Sushi Dojo. (For what it's worth, press materials refer to him as "executive chef and potential partner" at the restaurant?) Located in the former Polonia space in the East Village, it technically opened on June 5 but is celebrating its "grand opening" next week with a handful of special dishes.

Bouhadana is the Morimoto alum who ran the kitchen at the semi-hidden Lower East Side restaurant Sushi Uo for that restaurant's first four months, back when he was just a 23-year-old white dude. Since leaving Sushi Uo he's been spending time cooking and training in Japan. Here he's serving sushi omakase that starts at $100 at $45 for 10 pieces with more options for $65 and $120, plus sushi a la carte, seafood-centric appetizers, and a handful of cold and hot traditional Japanese dishes. Check out the full menus below, including the 40-odd deep sake list.

Sushi Dojo is open from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. Tuesday through Saturday, and since it's just 36 seats reps for the restaurant say that reservations are highly recommended.
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Food Menu

Food Menu 2


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Sushi Dojo

110 1st Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10009 (646) 692-9398 Visit Website

Sushi Dojo

110 First Ave., New York, NY

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