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Soho Club W.I.P. Wins Back Liquor License in Court

Big news for W.I.P., as the Soho nightclub was victorious in its legal battle with the State Liquor Authority to keep its liquor license. W.I.P. had its license revoked following last year's bottle throwing bonanza between hip hop moguls Drake and Chris Brown over their mutual love of Rihanna, but the club challenged the ruling, saying the punishment did not fit the crime. The Court of Appeals agreed with the club's argument, and now owner Barry Mullineaux can feel secure knowing his nightmare that "New York will lose a bright night light in its entertainment crown" if W.I.P. had to close will not come true. We can already feel our stress levels dropping.

Just because the club can stay open doesn't mean they are out of the woods yet. There are many other civil lawsuits remaining over the bottle brawl, including NBA star Tony Parker suing the club for $20 million and the two instigators suing each other. Sue you, sue me, sue everybody!
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150 Varrick St., New York, NY

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