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The Five Must-Watch Food Videos of the Week

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In this week's roundup of new videos, Alex Stupak and San Francisco chef Chris Cosentino plan for the next installment of the Push Project, Gail Dosik of One Tough Cookie talks about her love of cookies, some folks at The Guardian take Cronut Mania to the next level with a cronut-bourbon milkshake, and Mario Batali and sons make sloppy joes for Jimmy Fallon.

1) The Push Project: Part III:
Alex Stupak and San Francisco chef Chris Cosentino talk about what to serve at the next installment of Empellon Cocina's Push Project on June 28:

2) One Tough Cookie:
Liza de Guia of Food.Curated sits down with Gail Dosik of One Tough Cookie to discuss all things cookies. She gets Dosik to share her top five cookies in NYC:

3) Cronut Mania:
If just eating a Cronut isn't enough for you, follow the lead of some workers at The Guardian and make a cronut-bourbon milkshake:

4) The Batali Brothers:
Mario Batali and his sons Benno and Leo were on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon this week to promote The Batali Brothers' Cookbook with sloppy joes, Italian corn, and strawberry lemonade:

5) Dave Pasternack on Seafood:
Chef Dave Pasternack of Esca shares some tips on how to best prepare seafood:

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