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The Early Word on Michael White's Costata in Soho

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The menu at Michael White's newest restaurant starts with crudos, then moves to pastas, and finishes with steaks. It's kind of like Marea plus Morini plus a steakhouse at the end. The reviews have finally started to trickle in, and so far the early word is very strong. The big critics will probably start filing their reviews at the end of the month, but here's a look at what the Yelpers and bloggers are saying about Costata so far:

The Good News: One Chowhounder is pleased with his meal at Costata: "The fatty tuna and red prawn crudos were really phenomenal. Even better than those at Marea, IMHO. Both the rich, well-aged toro with sea salt, and ultra fresh, sweet red prawns with lime scent and olive oil, blew me away. 40-day dry aged bone-in sirloin was full of flavors and tasty. Even the dessert I had, 'gelato alla meringa', was really good ... Not overly sweet, just perfect!" [Chowhound]

The Great News: Yelper Jan S. thinks Costata lives up to sister restaurants Marea and Ai Fiori: "The ambiance of Costata is light and causal, very different from traditional stuffy steakhouse. FOOD: Sea Scallops Crudo - Amazing! This dish hits every part of palate. The freshness of the scallops + the rich truffle vinaigrette added just a touch of acid = explosion of flavor... Garganelli Alla Fiamma - Divine! White's signature pasta dish and I would eat over and over again. creamy but not heavy, the balance of truffle flavor and spring pea will keep me dreaming about it from this day forward...I applaud Chef White's success for delivering this contemporary steakhouse, while staying true to his Southern Italian coastal flavor... The combination of technique and flavor in his dishes surprise my palate every time." [Yelp]

The Terrific News: Gael Greene had a great first meal at White's newest. On the sides: "Once we discover how irresistible Red Bliss potatoes can be, roasted and fried with chili flakes, and how compelling the artichokes alla giudia, the pastas are mostly abandoned. I like the semolina cavatelli with braised oxtail and Fontina better than the humble rigatoni alla Contadina, with firm little meatballs of prosciutto and mortadella. Appetizer portions would have been more prudent, I realize, seeing how much is uneaten. I'm definitely not leaving even half a Red Bliss." [Insatiable]


The Bomb News: One reviewer raves about the space, the cocktails and the crudo: "We ate at the bar and were perfectly comfortable. It is located on the 2nd floor of the restaurant adjacent to a beautiful dining room with the perfect atmosphere for dining-nice background music and perfect for conversation. Started off with a well executed Makers Mark Manhattan which they prepare in their signature huge iced glass decanters. Kinda makes it special with all the fuss and care for what some would consider just a drink... Apps included Kumamoto and Kushhi oysters served in the traditional mignonette sauce which wasnt necessary since the oysters were delicious all by themselves. The sea scallops drizzled with olive oil and black truffles were absolutely da bomb!!!...Perfect for those seeking fine dining in a civilized surrounding." [Chowhound]

The Fabulous News: The single Menupages review is a rave: "Michael White does it again. Went there Saturday night. The Caesar salad was fabulous. The steak & vegetables were delicious. The wine & dessert were the best. The service was impeccable. The ambiance was beautiful. We loved it." [Menupages]

The Pricey News: This reviewer is impressed by everything, but notes that it's a pricey meal: "Inside right away it felt like being in the old Fiamma which we enjoyed a few times before it closed. Nice decor, service top notch and very knowledgeable (some veterans from Minetta Tavern and Lincoln) as you would expect in a place like this. Jokingly I offered to pay with my Minetta tavern gift card. I could have really used a card here as this turned out much pricier than anticipated...Then the main event. One of the most flavorful steaks I ever had. A mammoth 44 oz Tomahawk ribeye cooked to perfection." [Chowhound]

The Bad News: Yelper Tim M is less than impressed: "Ambiance:- Bright, sterile, nothing special... Super overpriced wine list...even for NYC standards. The steaks - huge, beautiful presentation, beautifully cooked, but also incredibly bland. Even with the sauces... If you want the pasta...go to Osteria Morini. Portions twice the size for the same price, and infinitely more flavorful... Will stick to Marea and Osteria Morini as White has clearly missed the mark on this one." [Yelp]

The Foursquare News: Ricky G.: "Can't go wrong with anything on the menu. Costata ribeye for 2 was amazing." Kristy A.: "Michael White should stick to pasta." Colin N: "Beef filet was extraordinary. Some post launch kinks (why the 90s alt rock soundtrack?) but I'm sure they will work it out." Richard G.: "Amazing! Try the Amberjack crudo, agnolotti, ribeye, & crispy red potatoes." [Foursquare]

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— Layla Khabiri


206 Spring St., New York, NY