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Upper East Side Favorite Le Bilboquet Expands to Dallas

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Photos: Margo Sivin/EDFW

This week, the owners of Le Bilboquet opened a branch of the French bistro in Dallas, Texas. The menu and overall vibe are similar to the original. Will the people of Dallas go crazy for that Cajun chicken with salad and fries? Will the Euros find their way to the Texas location? Will black town cars line up outside of Le Bilbo-Tex? Only time will tell. The New York original closed earlier this year because its lease expired, but the new 63rd Street location is slated to open later this summer.
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Le Bilboquet

20 East 60th Street, Manhattan, NY 10022 (212) 751-3036 Visit Website

Le Bilbo-Tex

4514 Travis St., Dalls, TX