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PKNY (FKA Painkiller) to Close Next Month

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Richard Boccato's excellent three-year-old Lower East Side tiki bar PKNY (formerly Painkiller) will close around the third week in July. Boccato tells the Times: "The landlord has chosen not to that's the reason we're to be abandoning ship." Boccato and his partners want to open another tiki bar called Asphalt Jungle, although this one might be in Queens or Brooklyn. Boccato explains:

Rather than revisit what we've spent the last three years doing, we'd like to move toward a more classic, mid-20th-century representation of a tiki bar....It will definitely be your and my parents' tiki bar. Same cocktails, different service model, different atmosphere.
A few weeks ago, the CB3 shot down Bocatto's liquor license application for Asphalt Jungle on Avenue B. With PKNY closing and Lani Kai down for the count, that means that Hurricane Club is the only survivor of the Great Tiki Boom of 2010.
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