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Hey, Everybody: Underground Dance Clubs Are Back!

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Still longing for the good old days when you and your friends could get all dolled up in your finest attire and paint the town red with some good old fashioned dancing? The great news is that those days are now back, as the New York Times reports that the city is once again filled with dance clubs that cater to your dancing needs. But you won't be able to stop and Tom, Dick or Harry on the street and ask them to tell you where the nearest dance club is, because these places are often "underground" and hidden from Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Public. That's what makes them cool.

But lucky for you and us, there was this handy dandy guide to a few of these "underground" dance clubs. One of them is called Marquee, which you definitely never heard of since it's only been open for 10 years, has two other locations, and is always in the gossip columns. What about Output, a tiny club that's in some random part of some place called Williamsburg in Brooklyn that is apparently kind of popular, or Verboten, a fly-by-night promotion company that has been throwing parties for many years that is also opening a club in this place called Williamsburg. Maybe it's time to invest in a map or one of those smart phones.

So use this guide wisely and frolic into the night!
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