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Krader Unleashes a Torrent of Pics/Video From The Elm

Kate Krader was Instagramming up a storm last night during her preview dinner at Paul Liebrandt's The Elm. The Food & Wine restaurant editor shared pictures of a chicken Kiev dish, a "turbot turned into little sandwich " with peas and bacon, a fancy spring salad, foie gras with brioche, and something called "charcuterie bread." Ms. Krader also shot a Vine video of Liebrandt and his crew making the magic happen in the kitchen of The Elm. This, of course, raises the already high expectations for this restaurant to an absurd new level. The Elm is slated to open early next month.
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The Elm

160 N 12th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11249 (718) 218-1088 Visit Website

The Elm

160 North 12th St., New York, NY