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Glasserie, an Airy Greenpoint Mediterranean Restaurant

[Bess Adler]

Glasserie, a Greenpoint Mediterranean restaurant, opened last week in a space that sits about a block and a half away from where Newton Creek splits Brooklyn from Queens. It's a somewhat remote location, but the space is big and bright, with a square-shaped bar and plenty of booths and tables that can accommodate large parties. This is a joint venture between restaurateur Sara Conklin, who spent a decade in the Cipriani empire, and chef Sara Kramer, who worked in Andrew Tarlow's establishments and the Blue Hill restaurants. The menu includes a lot of vegetable dishes, as well as things like lamb tartare, flatiron steak with trout roe, and a whole rabbit for two. Take a look around and check out a sample menu:

From the restaurant's website:


(Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch and Events Menus Coming Soon)

small things

pistachios 4
grilled radishes & feta 5
fried sweet potatoes & caper yogurt 5
lamb & bulghur croquettes 8
savory cheese pastries 6

spinach salad with grilled beets & butter beans 12
pickled carrots, kohlrabi, wheatberries & toasted seeds 11
lamb tartare, olives & bulghur crackers 14
red potatoes, spanish cheese & a soft egg 13
clams, harissa & couscous 15
rice with yogurt, asparagus, morels & toasted nuts 14
chicken, black chickpeas & cilantro 16
flatiron steak, red kale, almond & trout roe 18
the big dish

a whole rabbit
flaky bread, pickles & the works
on the side

flatbread 3
flaky bread 3
labneh 4
tahini 5

95 Commercial St., Greenpoint
Now open for dinner


95 Commercial Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222 (718) 389-0640 Visit Website