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Watch Dirt Candy's Amanda Cohen Make 'Parsnip'

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Welcome back to Sound Bites, an Eater original video feature in which footage of the city's most badass chefs crafting their signature dishes is paired with tunes from up-and-coming musicians. Regarding the volume: turn it up.

In this edition of Sound Bites, Dirt Candy's Amanda Cohen makes a dish she calls "Parsnip" to the smooth sounds of Theophilus London's new single "Rio." Hit play above to see the chef make her parsnip pillows, and check out a description of the dish below.

Amanda Cohen, chef/owner of Dirt Candy:

I like to take vegetables on adventures to strange new places and since parsnips are usually considered a heavier more wintery dish, I wanted to see if I could get them to go light and embrace spring. I also wanted to cut some of their sweetness so it didn't overwhelm the dish. After that, it was just months of failed experiments and banging my head against the plate to come up this.

The dish is parsnip pillows, which are like dumplings but made with no flour so they're much lighter and fluffier. Their sweetness is balanced by parsnip relish made with grilled parsnips, grilled watermelon radishes, and parsnip kimchi, which adds some sour to the plate, and they're in a garlic cream sauce with fresh tarragon on top and parsnip brown butter biscuits shaped like tiny parsnips.

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