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Watch Eric Ripert Eat a Cronut in Seven Sexy Photos

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Spoiler alert: he eats the Cronut.
Spoiler alert: he eats the Cronut.

Everybody's getting in on the Cronut™ Obsession®, even a certain dapper Frenchman by the name of Eric Ripert. The Ripper got his hands on one of those cultishly-beloved doughnut-croissant hybrids from Dominique Ansel bakery, taking the time to live-tweet the experience. Let us observe, then, as the Le Bern chef/owner goes from getting the Cronut, to deciding whether to eat the Cronut, to devouring (a little ... sensuously) the Cronut:

And in other Cronut news, Bloomberg's Ryan Sutton files an update on the scalping situation on his blog The Bad Deal, noting that the black market for Ansel's Cronuts is thriving. Even more scalpers have hit Craigslist with offers to deliver, which has at least forced the price of scalped pastries from its peak of $40 a pop this past weekend to just $10. Still, as he notes that's an 83 percent markup.

To combat the Cronut Mania, Sutton notes that Ansel has instituted a three Cronut per person limit. Gotta spread that love around.
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Dominique Ansel Kitchen

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Dominique Ansel Bakery

189 Spring St., New York, NY

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