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Take a Look at the Seaport's Sparkly New SmorgasBar

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Here's a look in and around SmorgasBar, the daily food and drinks market in the South Street Seaport from the folks behind SmorgasBurg and Brooklyn Flea. It's still so new that the vendors and organizers are still getting their sea legs, but from the looks of things after a walk-through yesterday afternoon, it's going to be a solid spot to consume some good food and drinks outside. It's still growing, too: Since SmorgasBar opened last Friday, only the bar on Front Street has been open, but the second, on top of another shipping container on Fulton Street, will open today at 5 p.m. It will serve beer and wine starting at 4 or 5 p.m. during the week and at noon on weekends. The full space opens at 11 a.m. daily.
On tap, the two bars have Sixpoint Sweet Action, Brooklyn Pilsner, White Aphro from Empire Brewing in Syracuse, and Captain Lawrence Kolsch from Elmsford, N.Y. There's also soda from Brooklyn Soda Works (including ginger beer for dark and stormies), alcoholic slushies from Kelvin Natural Slush Co., and a selection of wines and spirits. Here's the full list of vendors:

· Asia Dog
· Blue Marble Ice Cream (from a cart by Fulton Street)
· Brooklyn Oyster Party
· Brooklyn Soda Works (from a cart by Fulton Street)
· Fonda
· Landhaus
· Milk Truck
· Pizza Moto
· Red Hook Lobster Pound
· Rice & Miso Everyday

Brooklyn Flea reps say that the lineup may change later this summer, but since it's less than a week old?and three of the six days it's been open have been rainy?they're still seeing how things go. Plus, as one vendor put it yesterday, "Who would want to give up this spot?" The crafts vendors are there until July 7, and may switch up after that. SmorgasBar is open through the summer.
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