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Loyal Customers Outraged by Rumors of Lure Shuttering

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Some troubling news out of Soho: The Post hears a rumor that John McDonald and Josh Capon's power lunch destination/perpetual hot spot Lure Fishbar is in danger of closing this fall because of a steep rent hike. Word on the street is that landlord Peter Brant, who also owns Interview magazine, plans to increase the rent by an "exorbitant amount," and that proprietor John McDonald might be forced to close the restaurant when the lease is up due to the extreme rent spike.

Lure attracts a steady stream of tech young guns, media power players, fashion world personalities, moguls, politicians, and celebrities — the kind of people that read, write, and appear in Brant's magazine. McDonald has deep roots in the neighborhood, and his establishments are beloved by the people that live and work there. McDonald and Brant declined to comment on the rumors, but presumably, Brant's only motivation behind spiking the rent would be to get a business that is not a restaurant in this space. It would be a shame to lose that dining room — it's a modern classic.

As a response the gossip, loyal customers started a #savelurefishbar hashtag to show their solidarity with the restaurant. Here's a glimpse at the outrage from the various power players that dine there:

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Lure Fishbar

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