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The Goose Is Loose: Pete Wells Reviews The Beatrice Inn

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Pete Wells had one good meal and several bad ones at Graydon Carter's The Beatrice Inn. The good dinner was cooked by Brian Nasworthy, who left the restaurant in January. Now the menu is full of clunkers:

There was nothing to say about a stack of carrots that came with a braised and roasted veal breast except that it shouldn't be possible for vegetables to be both charred and raw. Apparently it is, though, because a steak turned up in the company of blackened and crunchy hen-of-the-woods mushrooms. The desperately undercooked sunchokes with sautéed trout were something of a relief. They were awful, but they were not even a little bit burned.
Wells gives the restaurant a zero star "satisfactory" rating. And in case you're wondering, Brian Nasworthy is now at Picholine.
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The Beatrice Inn

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