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The Franks Unveil RES, an Artist Residency for Chefs

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At the Mésamerica Festival in Mexico City today, Frank Castronovo and Frank Falcinelli of Frankies and Prime Meats made an official announcement about their new Red Hook project, RES. The Franks hope to create an "artist residency for chefs," where visiting chefs can cook for the locals and collaborate. Falcinelli explained:

At the space, we can host collaborative dinners, one-off events, and installations, and the chefs can stay at the facility while they present their work, free of charge. It's a place where a chef can present their work exactly how they want it to be, while exploring the city, meeting colleagues, and working on their repertoire.
Castronovo said that this should open "in a few short weeks." Head over to Eater National for an excerpt from today's announcement, and check out the RES site here.
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