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Boccato Gets Shot Down in the Village, Eyes The 'Burg

It's been a busy year for Richard Boccato already. The PKNY and Dutch Kills partner recently partnered on the boozing-friendly new location of Sweetleaf in Long Island City and has also applied for a liquor license for a restaurant and bar called Asphalt Jungle on Avenue B. And rumors floated today that the PKNY team was considering a full-on move to the East Village.

Last night, Boccato and PKNY partner Ian Present appeared before CB3's SLA committee to defend their liquor license application for Asphalt Jungle. By all accounts, things did not go well, with neighbors arguing that Avenue B already has enough bars and restaurants and the committee ultimately recommending a denial of the application. Per the Local, Boccato reportedly lashed out at a man with a European accent, saying, "With all due respect, your accent doesn't sound like a native New Yorker," drawing jeers from the crowd and scolding from committee chair.

Meanwhile, looks like Boccato has another application in the works, applying for a full liquor license for a space at the corner of Grand and Bedford in Williamsburg. That application is for a spot called Haymaker.
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