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After Five Weeks, Gabe & Tien Revamp Montmartre Menu

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Montmartre opened last month with a menu that stuck fairly close to the French bistro canon. The early word has been very good so far, but now restaurateur Gabe Stulman sends word that there are some changes afoot at Montmartre. He and chef Tien Ho are in the process of tweaking the menu so that it's less traditionally French. The restaurateur explains that they have "started to evolve Montmartre's menu to better showcase the diversity of ingredients and flavors that Tien is known for."

Expect dishes with Southeast Asian and North African influences. The restaurateur notes that although the response has been great so far, they want to try something "more unique, more daring, more bold--and more fun." Some of Tien's best dishes at Ma Peche were the ones with sharp Vietnamese influences, so perhaps he will be returning to that style of cuisine. Or, maybe it will be something totally different. All will be revealed when the new dishes hit the menu next week.
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158 8th Avenue, New York, NY 10011


158 8th Ave., New York, NY