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Lafayette Anticipation Reaches All-Time High

The Lafayette Team, left to right: "Cool Hand" Luke Ostrom, Andrew "The Mandrew" Carmellini, Josh "Die Hard" Pickard"

It is finally happening, people. At some point very soon, the Emerson, Lake, and Palmer of the New York dining world will thrust open the doors to their new Noho French restaurant, Lafayette, revealing a glistening, tile-encrusted, multi-level French culinary fantasyland, where bouillabaisse flows like water in a mountain stream, and rotisserie chickens are hiding around every corner. The Robs report that the opening menu will include Japanese-accented oysters "Sargent," beef tartare with bone marrow, and tripe Bourguignonne. Fun fact: The space previously held Time Cafe and Fez, which were also operated by Josh "The Nosh" Pickard. According to The Robs, Lafayette is slated to open "within a week."
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380 Lafayette Street, Manhattan, NY 10003 (212) 533-3000 Visit Website


380 Lafatyette St., New York, NY