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Pig and Khao at MediaVest


Around 4 p.m. yesterday afternoon, the Eater Test Kitchen team rolled into the MediaVest office ready to end the Wednesday blues the only way we know how: food and booze. To help, we brought along our friend Leah Cohen, of the New York Times two-star restaurant, Pig and Khao, to whip up some stellar Thai food. There were Summer Rolls with Chinese Sausage, Yellow Seafood Curry, and Pork Jowl with Watermelon that could not be refilled fast enough (we promise, we didn't judge). With Sixpoint on hand to wash it all down, we forgot it was Wednesday. A huge thanks goes out to the Pig and Khao team (who also awarded three lucky winners dinner or brunch at their restaurant) and, of course, the great folks at MediaVest. If you are interested in having an Eater Test Kitchen at your office, drop us a line.

Pig and Khao

68 Clinton Street, Manhattan, NY 10002 (212) 920-4485 Visit Website