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NY Times Magazine on Food; New Chef at Hundred Acres

FOOD MEDIA ? The New York Times Magazine has released its food issue, with pieces on healthy fast food, wine, secret bars, "the proper way to eat a pig," and more. They're not paywalled, so go check it out. [NYTMag via Eater National]

SOHO ? Chester Gerl is the new chef de cuisine at Soho restaurant and popular brunch spot Hundred Acres, it was announced today. Gerl is a vet of a number of Seattle restaurants, most recently at Matt's in the Market at Pike's Place, and moved to New York to be closer to his wife's family in Brooklyn. [EaterWire]

UPPER WEST SIDE ? On April 15, Northern California-based pastry chef Roy Shvartzapel (an alum of el Bulli, Bouchon, and elsewhere) is speaking at the Museum of Natural History. He'll be joined by a neuroscientist on a salon-style talk about how expectations shape taste, as part of the Sackler Brain Bench. Shvartzapel is in the process of opening a café in Houston. [EaterWire, Eater Houston]

SOHO ? Tumblr's "storytelling arm" Storyboard looks at Smile To Go barista (and creator of very pretty latte art) Mike Breach in a mesmerizing video. Here he is on turning espresso and milk into portraits of actual people: "Like when I pull a shot and put it into a cup and I can see different colors swirling around, that's my palette. I can see it happening. ... Coffee is my medium." [Storyboard]

Hundred Acres

38 MacDougal St., New York, NY