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Watch a Tweaked Out Video for Milk Bar's New Kookie

Here is a truly, wonderfully odd video/trailer/cooking clip for the newest cookie kookie from Momofuku Milk Bar in collaboration with model (and certified Friend of Milk Bar™) Karlie Kloss. In the video, Kloss and Christina Tosi "ride" a "motorcycle" through the "streets" of all five New York boroughs. Then they make the cookie (it's a hyper-healthy one called the 5Boro Kookie) with some just amazing green-screen work.

This is the second cookie and video in the series that previously brought the world that video of Tosi and Kloss as Olivia Newton John-ish 80s workout girls hyping the Perfect 10 Kookie.

Video: The 5Boro Kookie

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Momofuku Milk Bar

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