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Holy Moly! Max Fish Is Moving to Brooklyn!

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Shocking news from the Lower East Side: Max Fish, the most Lower East Side of all of the Lower East Side bars, will be closing down and heading to Brooklyn. And not just any part of Brooklyn — Williamsburg. The word comes first via the Lo Down and then EV Grieve and Bowery Boogie, as Fish owner Uli Rimkus is circulating a petition supporting a new liquor license application for a spot on Metropolitan Avenue in the Burg, proclaiming that although the bar will be headed across the river, "We'll take the spirit and everything else with us."

The news comes just three years after Uli had managed to extend the bar's lease with his landlord after nearly being forced to shut down. Apparently that lease is over, and rather than try to get a new one, the Fish has decided to move. The bar will close in late August and look to reopen in Brooklyn soon thereafter. It's a sad day for the Lower East Side.
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Max Fish WIlliamsburg

132 Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11211