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The Early Word on Paul Denamiel's Little Prince in Soho

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Earlier this month, Paul Denamiel of Le Rivage on Restaurant Row opened his new French bistro Little Prince, in the Soho space that used to be Shorty's .32 and Principessa. The 38-seat restaurant has a menu of bistro classics like beef tartare and moules marieniere, plus some zanier options like the French onion soup burger (which started off-the-menu but has proven so popular it's become a regular item) and a foie gras English muffin dish. So far, the early word has been almost universally positive. Here's a roundup of what people are saying about Little Prince:

The Good News: The only Yelp review so far seems legit, and is generally positive: "The chicken and duck were winners with our group as well as the steak tartare and frisée Larson salad with a poached egg as apps. I'm still dreaming about that juicy chicken with perfectly crispy skin! I have to say the food and service beat Raoul's! The manager, Brandon, was very personable and checked on us throughout our meal." [Yelp]

The Tasteful News: One Eater commenter writes that it compares favorably to the Soho standby Raoul's: "I ate at Raoul's last Tuesday and Little Prince last Friday and had a much more enjoyable time and meal at Little Prince. The space is tastefuly done, the chicken is amazing and the frise salad outperforms Raoul's all day long." [Eater Comments]

The Bravo News: Chekmark Eats checks it out and comes to this conclusion: "Little Prince is not the typical French restaurant I dread going to where half the table can barely read the menu. You might not even realize it's French while you are there. Either way, I loved it and have been thinking about that steak tartare and burger ever since. Men will love this place, and it's a good date spot, too. Bravo. Little Prince has got it in the bag." [Chekmark Eats]

The Straightforward News: From Google Plus (yes, Google Plus): "Though some might consider the addition of another French restaurant to west Soho a little over the top, Little Prince brings welcome flair and an exciting vibe to the area. The menu is straightforward and packed with flavorful, robust dishes that contrast wonderfully against the Moroccan decor. Opening week visits are usually plagued with slow service, but we were seated and served quickly, with friendly help exploring the menu. Hat's off to Paul Denamiel and his team." [Google+]

The Guilty Pleasures News: Zagat recommends the French onion soup burger and also touts the chocolate-chip cookie: "[T]his treat goes above and beyond. First, it's a Jacques Torres cookie, which we've sung the praises of before. But the truly special thing here is the presentation. It's served over a martini glass that's full of milk. And that milk is full of rum. It's a dessert, a cocktail and a fitting followup to that burger all in one." [Zagat]

The Great News: From Linnea Covington of the Forbes Travel Guide: "In step with the French revival, Little Prince opened recently in SoHo and serves classic bistro fair with a few twists. Namely, the French Onion Soup Burger that was a 'secret' item, but in a scant few weeks was so popular, and so not a secret, that they added it to the menu. It's good, but what really stole my heart was their beef tartare. Not only was the tender meat super fresh, but also it had a nice heat radiating from the addition of chili oil." [Startle]

The Foursquare: From Foursquare: "Nice 'little' spot that recently opened in the neighborhood. We liked the beet salad and the chicken. Friendly staff and great service!" Other tipsters recommend the duck and the foie gras muffin. [Foursquare]

The Dieterle News: Harold Dieterle is a fan: "The burger at #thelittleprince is the real deal. @lechefpaul is the new sheriff in town. He's coming after you @chefcapon !!" [Twitter]
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Little Prince

199 Prince Street, New York, NY 10012 (212) 335-0566

Little Prince

199 Prince St., New York, NY