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Neighbors Send Gansevoort Park a Sleep Deprivation Bill

Murray Hill residents are so fed up with the noise emanating from the Gansevoort Park Hotel that they have begun sending the hotel invoices for lost sleep. Neighbors value the lost sleep at $1,000 per hour per person, and recently sent one such bill for $21,350 for April 14th alone, claiming that the loud music, traffic and party goers keep them up through all hours of the night.

The battle between the two sides has been going on since last summer and it doesn't appear to be getting any better, despite the local NYPD precinct stepping in to try and enforce some semblance of traffic mitigation on the weekends. The bills for lost sleep are of course completely fake and not enforceable, but it's just another desperate grasp for neighbors who are desperate for the good times to come to an end.
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Gansevoort Park Hotel

420 Park Ave South, New York, NY