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Scenes From Burger Week 2013 & the Burger Week Fiesta

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Burger Week 2013:
· The Ultimate Burger Bracket
· Chefs and Restaurateurs on the Pros and Cons of Burgers
· Do or Dine's Justin Warner on the Double SmokeShack
· A Burger Week Chat With the Owners of Whitmans
· Martin Sheridan on Burgers and The Ear Inn's History
· Eater Readers Name Their Favorite NYC French Fries
· Bloomberg Critic Ryan Sutton on Reviewing Burgers

Scenes from the Eater Office During Burger Week:

· Watch Chef Matt Lightner Make a Cheeseburger at Atera:

· Littleneck's Aaron Lefkove on the Burger at Paul's
· Who Goes There? : A Burger and Martini at the Historic '21' Club in Midtown
· Chefs and Experts on the NYC Burgers They Miss Most
· Slider Power Hour
· Eater Scenes: The Original P.J. Clarke's, Tuesday at 12:30 p.m.
· Burger Recommendations From NYC's Top Sommeliers
· A Brief History of Burger Favorite Donovan's Pub
· Take a Look at Rosemary's Skirt Steak/Guanciale Burger
· Harold Moore on the Making of the Commerce Burger:

· Chef Sam Hazen's Burger Week Sliders at Veritas
· Eater Burgers Out in the Wild:

· Mark Rosati on the Evolution of Shake Shack's Wine List
· Chef Al Di Meglio on the Creation of the Rubirosa Burger

· The Burger Heatmap: 15 New Burgers to Eat Right Now
· BrisketTown's White Manna-Inspired Burger Week Special:

· Take a Look at Gabe Thompson's Burger at L'Apicio
· Schnipper's, 5 Napkin, and The Counter by the Numbers
· Untouchables: Daniel Boulud on the Legacy of The Original db Burger:

· And, Kinderbrød presents Les Desirs de les Sliders:

· All Coverage of Burger Week [~ENY~]


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