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The Best NYC Sliders From the Eater Flickr Pool

Beef slider from Melt in Park Slope, by <a href="">erin & camera</a>.
Beef slider from Melt in Park Slope, by erin & camera.

Sliders come in all shapes and sizes and?well, actually they're all small and round, or else it's not a slider?but they do come in all different types. There's the classic slider made with beef, which is basically just a tiny burger. But then there's pulled pork sliders and tuna sliders and pork belly sliders and fried chicken sliders and oyster sliders and, well, you get the idea. Here, now, in honor of Burger Week and Slider Power Hour, is the best New York slider food porn from the Eater Flickr pool.
· Eater [Flickr]